Task Management

Imagine your task manager with everything you need to write your story or run your store or manage your cases. Easy-to-use.

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Easily manage all your tasks and prioritise tasks according to the importance

Access from Anywhere

You can manage your work and daily personal tasks. All Of them online and accessible from anywhere and at all times

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Due Notification

When you want to pay bills, add the task with a due date, you will get notification about that before one day of the due date.

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t@sks management done right

Manage your tasks with workflow templates

Manage your daily tasks through the workflow, and easily create sub-tasks for your tasks using the checklists. Track exactly where each task is in the process by moving the cards between the lists and get notified when updates are made in the tasks.

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Don't miss any t@sks

Concierge Onboarding

Switching is easy. We'll do the heavy lifting for you!

We’ve removed all the difficulties for you to manage all your task management in one place. Whether you are trying to import the tasks from other task management software or qualify for our concierge onboarding, switching to Tasks is easy.

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Synchronize your t@sks

Third-party task apps

You can synchronize your tasks with third party task apps like Google Calendar to get notified about the task with a due date and you can view all the tasks with the due date in one place.

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Software to manage your daily tasks

Tasks solve task management problems with unique solutions.

Story Writer

Store images, links and reference videos, comments of stories. Visualize your tasks and help you to choose the urgent one from your huge workload.


Helps to label all tasks with the respective status by using checklists. Attach the latest version of your design to the task as card attachment.

Human Resources

Visualize your every process with the board. Keep track of the recruitment process with each card and move cards according to the stage.

Sales Manager

Arrange activities, organize the process. Manage special event preparations, Special sales.


Manage your classrooms with each board. Visualize your different classrooms activities with colour tags.


Manage different categories of your cases with each board. Manage cases information with cards labels, dates and attach case-related files as attachments.

Song Writer

Turn your personal music goals and ideas into reality with Restyaboard. Add labels, manage the due date of the songs you are writing, having a checklist on the things that you are required to do.

Manage monthly bills

Fill every month with your cards and change the status of the card if the bill is paid. Beware of the payment dates with the card due dates to notify before one day of the task due date.

Improve Your Online Gaming

Helps you to keep track of your gaming so you can know if you are making a good profit out of it. Create a board with three columns, one for the game missions and events so you get notified at your mail and can log as soon as you need to, another for the incomes, so you can evaluate how much you are making every week/month.

t@sks is a perfect tool for your daily tasks management. You can manage your story writing or design schedules or manage your cases or manage your sales using the t@sks.

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