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Awesome UI/UX

Intuitive Design

t@sks has an easy user interface that you need no training to use all the features without difficulty. While login, you will be prompted with an introduction video and the main navigation elements to switch pages are added in the footer and you are also able to easily create a board with predefined workflow templates to manage your daily tasks.

Easily perform important actions

Keyboard Shortcuts for important actions

You can easily manage daily tasks by adding/removing members from the task, archive completed tasks, assign yourself to the tasks, filtering the tasks based on condition with keyboard shortcuts.

  • Browse through adjacent tasks on a board with shortcuts
  • Edit your tasks with shortcuts

Organize t@sks

Sync with Google Calendar

In your Google Calendar, you can view any of your board's calendars with Google Calendar, so you can view your calendars and your cards with due dates together in one place.

  • Help you remember tasks deadlines.
  • Easily highlight the tasks with due dates.

Reduce the workload

Creating a card template

Turning a card into a template will automatically reduce your work if you want to create a list of tasks with the same members, checklist, labels.

  • Includes key information that copies over from the template to a new task.
  • Take better control of your task management and improve your productivity.
  • Reduce your workload by creating the card template with common information of the task.

Keep your tasks together

Simple Board View

The simple view of overall boards and their card count with status will help you to understand overall pending tasks, and today pending tasks, this week pending and completed tasks and overall tasks status.

  • Dashboard with charts for Todo, Doing and Done tasks.
  • Move cards between the list to track the progress of the tasks.
Make your life easy with t@sk

Keep all your actions together with task management.

Filter boards to access only the tasks you care for and work on.

Board Listing with Filters

You can easily manage the tasks with the board listing filters, which helps you to group the starred boards, which are marked as important boards and you can also group the closed boards, which help you to know the completed tasks.

  • View your most important boards at your fingertips with filtering.
  • View your closed boards with filters to decide which tasks are pending.
  • Track your progress by viewing the completed progress in the closed boards.

Visualize your tasks with colors, labels

Different Board views

You can view the list of tasks in the board with different views to easily identify the important tasks. In the different views, you can decide which fields of the tasks to be shown to easily view the tasks information, and in the calendar view, you can easily group tasks with the due date.

  • Visualize your tasks in multiple views to get more detailed information.
  • You can add color and labels to show the task importance
  • You can view the task with due dates on the calendar view

Change your boards visuals to easily differentiate boards

Changing board backgrounds

You can customize your board by changing your board's background. You can choose between 30+ colours to set as the board background colour or choose beautiful photos from Flickr or choose patterns and textures to apply as the board background, and you can also upload your local images to be set as a board background image.

  • Upload your own background image to the boards
  • Choose the board background pictures from the Flickr variety collection of images
  • Set your board background colour from 30+ colour options

Attach tasks related files

Drag and drop attachments to the card

You can drag and drop multiple files from your desktop to a card in the board to upload them. You can also attach the images using the image links. If you attach the PDF attachment in the card, the first page of the document will be shown in the attachment preview. You can also attach the images from other websites.

  • Attach tasks related files directly from dropbox to the card
  • Attach your task related local files to the card
  • Attach your task related attachments links to the card
Power up

With handful of plugins

Less difficulty. More t@sk done

Get a comprehensive summary of everything relevant to your task management and never lose track of a primary task.

Organize t@sks

Organize your tasks and goals quickly and prioritize them so you'll actually know exactly what to focus on next.

See measurable headway

Every day, tiny measures add up to major achievements over time. Set targets daily and weekly, and imagine patterns in your productivity.

Synchronize your tasks

Link tasks with the apps you already use and make it your central, organized hub for getting things done

Start feeling relaxed and in charge of every day tasks

Get a simple summary and never lose track of important tasks.

Quick Add

Easily add your daily tasks and add tasks details with keyboard shortcuts.

Managing tasks with due dates

Helps you to remember your tasks deadlines and complete tasks without fail.

Card Templates to reduce workload

Create card templates for keeping detailed track of tasks that you repeat often.

Filter tasks

You can group tasks in seconds with labels, color, due dates.

Search tasks

You can group all the tasks from the boards with common terms like name, due date, description

Customize your workflow

You can add your own workflow and create a board for easily tracking the progress of tasks.

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